Last Updated on February 20, 2018
Media Placement Service (MPS) guarantees that clients approved story will appear on 300+ media websites across the United States, including affiliate websites from all four major TV networks within two weeks - or we'll refund their money. Period. Client acknowledges that this guarantee is null and void if customer is not responsive to MPS within 48 hours of receiving communication regarding their story. Once the new client questionnaire is received by MPS from client, the 14-day clock starts ticking. 

While it is common practice to use words like 
"As seen on" with media logos that featured a story about your business, Media Placement Service does not own rights to and cannot grant permission for use of any media logos on its clients marketing, websites or communication. We are not affiliated with any of those companies, so we cannot officially give permission to use their logos. But it's common practice to use them in this way as long as you do not imply that they are endorsing you or your business.

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